Container Update, Gen Con and Origins Demos, and New Car Wars Sixth Edition Videos

August 21, 2021

Before diving into other news, first we have the best news of all: the first container (out of five) has landed at our primary warehouse in Georgia! The other four are still in motion, but we can now report that the first of the new Car Wars Sixth Edition expansions and accessories have arrived. We still do not have a shipping date for your rewards – we need more of the containers to arrive before we can start – but things are moving in the right direction.

Gen Con and Origins Demos

If you're at Gen Con and/or Origins, we will be busy running Car Wars Sixth Edition demos. The game won't be available for sale at the show(s), but those of you attending one or both of the conventions will have a chance to try the game with our team.

New Car Wars Sixth Edition Videos

We've posted two new videos this month. The first, a live stream with Hunter and Ben, shows Car Wars miniatures painting.

The second video, filmed before the pandemic, is a battle between Jimmie and Randy.

You can watch both videos on the Steve Jackson Games YouTube channel. And yes, we have more Car Wars Sixth Edition videos on the way!

- Phil Reed

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