A Peek at the Companion, Another Gameplay Video, and Replacement Counters News

November 13, 2021

We revealed the upcoming Car Wars Companion during our online con last weekend, and today we have a sample of one of the possible pages that could appear in the completed Companion. (The exact mix of scenarios and variants that make it into the published version of the Companion will depend entirely on how well the crowdfunding campaign goes and which stretch goals, if any, are unlocked in that project.) We are not yet ready to launch the Companion campaign, but we'll share the news just as soon as everything is set.



Live play on the Double Drum Playmat

To see the Double Drum playmat in action, we also have another gameplay video where you can watch as four cars enter the oversized arena and slug it out.

Replacement Counters Update

As mentioned a few days ago (posted here), the replacement counters were expected to reach Warehouse 23 before the end of the week. We received a sizable batch of the counters, but many are still stuck in shipping and we're at the mercy of the world's current freight situation. The warehouse team will start handling the shipping of replacement counters to those affected by the factory error; please be patient as they work through the Car Wars fulfillment stage and we'll get everything into your hands as fast as possible.

If you have questions about the replacement counters, please see this update for more details.

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