U.S. Shipping Update and Replacement Counters News, Double Drum Pre-Orders at Warehouse 23

November 19, 2021

As of yesterday, the Warehouse 23 team is estimating that all U.S. fulfillment will come to a close next month. Once they finish shipping the U.S. rewards, the crew will handle cleanup and inventory so that they're better organized to launch into the packing and shipping of international rewards. We'll post an update once U.S. fulfillment is complete and again when the official international shipping gets underway in the warehouse.

Replacement Counters Now Shipping to U.S. Addresses

The replacement counter sheets have arrived and the warehouse has started mailing them out to U.S. addresses. Some of you will receive the counters as a part of your add-ons while others in the U.S., if we've already shipped all of your rewards, will receive the counters as a separate mailing. Some of you, when opening your add-ons box, will find an unmarked white envelope. The replacement counters are in that envelope. Please don't throw it away.

NOTE: The replacement counter sheet only affects the four-player core game and the Double Ace box (because that same core game box is inside the Double Ace box). The two-player sets and all other expansions/titles are unaffected by this issue.


If your rewards package has an issue, please be patient and our team will work through the issues as quickly as they can manage. We have not finished shipping U.S. rewards, so it is too early for "I didn't get X" messages, but you can report significant package damages (not to the shipping cartons or Double Ace outer case, because those were designed to absorb damages and protect the game) and troubles using our online help tools. This is the absolute best way to reach us; comments and messages on Kickstarter can be accidentally overlooked; using this online help tool is a much better way to contact us.

Double Drum Playmat Pre-Orders at Warehouse 23

If you're looking for a giant playscape for Car Wars Sixth Edition, we're happy to report that the 4' x 6' Double Drum playmat is now listed for pre-order on Warehouse 23. This giant playmat takes up too much space for us to sit on many of them, so we're planning to produce enough to cover our immediate needs plus a tiny handful of extras. There are no guarantees that the playmat will be offered again, so please pre-order today if you want to add this colossal playmat to your collection.

Pre-orders close on November 29, 2021.

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