Shipping Continues & Pre-Orders!

October 6, 2021

We're a week into a monumental task, and U.S. shipping of the playmats and Double Ace boxes continues! We are not yet at the end of this stage of the fulfillment process, so please continue to be patient and we will get the game into your hands just as fast as we can manage.

There were some reports of playmat delivery issues (packages coming open in transit), so please check your rewards carefully as they arrive. The actual rate of failure is extremely low, so most of you will be unaffected by this, but please make a note if your game items are damaged. In the future, once the warehouse is ready, we will ask for you to contact us so that we can handle any devastated game items. External packaging, including the shipping cartons and boxes, are not game items.


Car Wars Pre-Orders

As of this morning, Car Wars Sixth Edition pre-orders are still open at Warehouse 23. If you missed out on some of the add-on items during the campaign, or if you decided you need more of something (Road Tiles, for example, are always useful in bulk), then please visit the pre-order page now. We will close pre-orders before the holidays.

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