Update on missing tokens and a how-to-play video

October 12, 2021

NOTE: This only affects the four-player core game and the Double Ace box (because that same core game box is inside the Double Ace box). The two-player sets and all other expansions/titles are unaffected by this issue.

A factory error accidentally dropped a handful of tokens from the core game. The factory is working on printing the missing counters and will ship those to Warehouse 23. Our team will handle shipping the replacement counter sheet to all who were affected by these missing tokens. This only affects U.S. Kickstarter rewards; international rewards have not yet shipped and the replacement counter sheet will be inserted into international rewards before they are shipped.

For those of you in the U.S. who are affected by the missing counters, please be patient. Your counters will be shipped when they are ready (not until later this year); some of you will see the replacement sheet packed into your add-ons while others will receive a separate envelope with these counters. It all depends on the rate at which the warehouse can handle shipping the rewards; Kickstarter fulfillment will not be a fast process. We ask that you be patient; we will make an announcement when shipping is complete.

Replacement counters


How-to-Play Video

You're still learning the game? Thank you to Chris Steele for this excellent how-to-play video that should help many of you get a better handle on the Car Wars Sixth Edition game!


GURPS Girl Genius

In other news, we're back on Kickstarter next week with the latest GURPS hardcover, the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game! If you've been waiting for this one, then we're happy to report that the book is almost ready for the printer. Please follow the new campaign today!

- Phil Reed

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