Containers Off the Coast and a New Video

September 1, 2021

During this morning's manufacturing call, we learned that the last two containers are now somewhere off the east coast of the U.S. and steadily moving to port. We do not yet have a definite date when they will reach the warehouse, but they are closer and continue moving in the right direction.

To reiterate the information shared in our previous update: We do not know when project rewards will ship. This is a large and complicated project, and we will do our best to ship as soon as we can manage. We'll make an announcement when shipping starts.

Car Wars Pre-Orders This Month

Later this month, we'll open pre-orders on our online store, Warehouse 23, for those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. We knew Kickstarter backers were getting a bargain -- you trusted us, took a chance on our work, and you absolutely deserve the best price we can manage -- but we never expected so many things to go wrong or for freight costs to change so dramatically between the end of the campaign and receiving the finished game.

What does that mean? It means Kickstarter backers got an even better deal than we had planned for. The increased freight and prolonged expenses of the manufacturing process mean that the game is priced higher than we had planned; just part of the reality of today's new world.

We will make an announcement when pre-orders open. Warehouse 23 pre-orders cannot be combined with Kickstarter rewards. We have enough to handle just packing and shipping project rewards without making things worse by trying to combine two unrelated and separate inventory and order systems.

News to come!

New Gameplay Video

Another video that we shot before the pandemic is now online, giving everyone another look at the game in action. Additionally, we're going to try to return to gameplay (and more painting) live stream videos this month; please keep an eye on our Facebook page for new videos.

If you enjoy these videos, please like and comment on YouTube, and please share them with your friends!


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