Australian Rewards Have Landed in Australia and Scenario Update

August 17, 2022

Three bits of news for today, gang.

  • The Australian rewards are now in Australia. We're still waiting for the inventory to reach the fulfillment warehouse, but the ocean journey is now over. We do not yet have an estimated date when the packages will leave the fulfillment warehouse for the final stage of their journey. We'll post an update when we know more.
  • The Car Wars Companion is in editing, which includes the scenarios needed for this project. We still don't have an exact date for the Car Wars Companion Kickstarter campaign or for posting scenarios to the web, but we continue to make progress on the project.
  • We're testing a new Warehouse 23 site and could use some assistance with those tests. If you order $30 or more worth of Car Wars games, expansions, and accessories before September 1, 2022, at the new store, and if you use this code -- CARWARS10 -- then you will receive 10% off your purchase. (Note that this only applies to Car Wars items in your shopping cart and nothing else.) If you spot any bugs or errors, please report them in this thread on our forums. You can visit the new store by clicking this link.

And that's the news for the day, gang! We'll be back when we have updated info and an estimated shipping date for the Australian packages.

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