Canadian and EU Rewards Update, FnordCon Event in Austin

February 11, 2022

Two bits of news regarding international fulfillment:

  • The Canadian rewards are officially in Canada. Our partner there will label and ship the rewards just as soon as they can fit the project into their workflow. We'll post an update once we have confirmed that they have shipped the Canadian rewards.
  • EU rewards are packaged, stacked on pallets, and in the documents phase of the project. We have to coordinate shipping the pallets from Texas to a warehouse in the EU; the Warehouse 23 team is working on it and we'll post an update once the pallets have left our warehouse (which will buy us the space we need to proceed with packing international rewards).

FnordCon in Austin

Our convention, FnordCon, is coming to Austin in late April! Pre-registration is now open for the show and we plan to run several games, including Car Wars Sixth Edition events. Please check the page today for details and to pre-register for the show.

- Phil Reed

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