Canadian Fulfillment Update, EU Packing is Next

January 29, 2022

The Canadian rewards are now on their way to the fulfillment site. Warehouse 23 has continued all of the packing and shipped pallets of games to our Canadian partner last week; now we wait for those pallets to be received and then separate packages shipped to those of you in Canada. We do not have an exact schedule at the moment; we'll let you know what's happening once our fulfillment partner updates us on their part of the Canadian shipping.

Up next, the Warehouse 23 team is working on the EU rewards. Just as with the Canadian rewards, all packages will be prepared in our Austin office and then pallets of games shipped to a fulfillment partner. We will post an update once the EU rewards have left Warehouse 23. 

As to other regions, we're working on shipments one segment at a time. Thank you for your continued patience as we do everything we can to safely – and accurately – pack and ship your games.

Car Wars Pocket Box Bundles

If you're looking to complete your collection of Car Wars games and expansions from the eighties, then you'll want to check out the four Car Wars bundles we released on Warehouse 23 last week. These are factory-fresh replicas of several 1980s games and expansions -- including the classic plastic Pocket Box editions of Car Wars, Truck Stop, Crash City, and Boat Wars -- and it was thanks to the supporters of our Pocket Box Kickstarter a few years ago that these are now available. 

These are not compatible with Car Wars Sixth Edition, but they're sure to bring back memories if you're a Car Wars fan from way back. You can find all four bundles at Warehouse 23 today.

- Phil Reed

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