International Fulfillment Starts this Month and New Car Wars Playmat Pre-Orders at Warehouse 23

January 10, 2022

Warehouse 23 reports that international fulfillment starts this month, with Canada the first region on the list. The team will pack and ship the rewards to a partner in Canada who will then forward the packages to backers. We do not know how long this will take; we'll post an update once the pallet has left our warehouse and is on the way to Canada.

Once Canada packages have left Warehouse 23, the team will start work on fulfillment of another region.

 Car Wars Dashboard Playmats

For those of you looking to upgrade your dashboard layouts, we've now got four new 14" x 24" Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats open for pre-order at Warehouse 23. Each has space for your cards, tokens, and the chipboard double-layer player dashes, helping you organize everything at the table. 

Pre-orders are expected to ship in March of 2022.

We're also offering a special price for pre-orders: $14.95 per dashboard playmat. Once we close pre-orders, the price will go to $19.95 for each of the four different playmats. You can place your pre-order today; we'll close pre-orders later this month or early next month.


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