EU and UK Update, Car Wars Companion News, Australia Rewards Still In Transit

July 11, 2022

Lots of news today, gang.

  • For those of you in the EU and UK, packages have shipped, and most of you should already have your rewards. If you are in the EU or UK and do not have your games by August 1, 2022, please email for support. 
  • The Car Wars Companion is slowly moving from the design/playtest/development stage to the editing stage. The scenarios that were a stretch goal of this campaign are a part of the design and editing process; we'll post an update once the free scenarios are online and ready for you.
  • For those of you waiting on the Australian shipment, the packages are still in transit. We appreciate your continued patience as we wait for the games to make their way to the warehouse in Australia. We'll post an update once the warehouse receives them and gives us their expected shipping schedule.

That covers the news for the day, gang. As always, please email for support.

- Phil Reed

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