International Update and a Peek at a New Playmat

March 9, 2022

Tomorrow, if all goes as scheduled, the EU pallets leave Warehouse 23 and start their journey across the world. As we may have mentioned a time or two, this will not be a fast process. What takes so long? Paperwork and properly following local requirements.

The UK pallets are packed . . . and we are dealing with paperwork.

Australia and the rest of the world are next, just as soon as we clear room in the warehouse and can receive more Car Wars Sixth Edition games. 

A New Playmat

Now that we have shipped the Double Drum playmats, we're about to open preorders for a new 24" x 24" playmat that works for two-player games. And, if you wish, tile multiples to create a larger playscape. We'll make an announcement when preorders are ready.

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