UK, Australia, ROW, Warehouse 23 Pre-Orders, and Car Wars Companion Updates

March 22, 2022

Great news! The Warehouse 23 crew reports that the last of the Kickstarter rewards are exiting the warehouse this week and making their way to the next sites. Those of you in the "rest of world" camp will receive your shipments from Warehouse 23. If you're in the UK or Australia (and NZ), your packages first travel to our fulfillment partners and then make the final journey to your game tables. We do not yet have exact timelines for this stage, but we will post updates as we receive info on the shipments.

Warehouse 23 Pre-Orders Ship Next

Within the next few days, the team will start packing and shipping the Warehouse 23 pre-orders for Car Wars Sixth Edition. Once the pre-orders have shipped, then we'll be ready to open up the titles for sale at our online store, Warehouse 23, for those of you who missed a few items or may have found you could use extras of an expansion or two.

We will post an update here once we've confirmed that Car Wars Sixth Edition titles are available for sale at Warehouse 23.

Car Wars Companion

As scenario playtest continues, we can report that the terrain section of the book has left the editing process and moved into layout. We're not yet ready to announce a crowdfunding date for the book, but we expect to have more info at our FnordCon event in late April. And yes, we will absolutely run Car Wars Sixth Edition games at FnordCon. We hope some of you will join us for the show!

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