Tour the Freeways of the Future with 168 Hours of Car Wars

June 10, 2023

That's right – from June 10 to June 17, we're giving the right of way to the game with the biggest guns in 168 Hours of Car Wars.

Enter the Arena with a Two-Player Starter Set

New to autoduelling? For a limited time, arena hopefuls can drive away with a Car Wars Two-Player Starter Set for just $39.95! Whether you choose bold Red/Yellow or sophisticated Blue/Green, you'll be shredding the competition in no time. Or, pick up both for an unforgettable 4-player death match. You'll also get a 10% discount on all Car Wars accessories with the purchase of your Two-Player Starter Set.*

*Does not apply to Car Wars Sixth Edition Edition Core Set or Double Ace Box.

Gear Up & Drive Offensively!

Whether you're an eager rookie or a hardened veteran, your car is your most important asset. If you're ready to upgrade with better armor, bigger guns, or a rockin' new chassis, Uncle Al has hooked us up with his very best deals! Take 50% off on Car Wars Miniatures Sets 1-4, and don't miss out on our CARnage Amateur Night Starter Pack!

Add More Cars To Your Garage Today!

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