Albert's Advances

Designed by Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann • Illustrated by Sam Mitschke and Brandon Moore

45 cards
Price $10.95
Stock # SJG2458 * UPC 080742094543
October 2024

Tear it up in the autoduel arena with Car Wars Albert's Advances

This single-player expansion comes with 45 cards originally found in Uncle Al's Upgrade Pack (but not the checkpoint cards). Customize your vehicle, including unique weapons, accessories, crew, upgrades, and more! Heat things up with a Fire-Resistant Coating, then use the Turreted Heavy Rocket to stop your opponents in their tracks. Need help making a precise shot? Add the Steady-Aim Gimbal to your arsenal for some extra edge.

With Car Wars Albert's Advances, you’re ready to roll – offensively!

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