CARnage Amateur Night Starter Pack

STL files for six figures in a single Zip file.
Price $0
Stock # SJG13-4006
June 2023

"First Gun's Free!"

A gift from our sponsors at Uncle Albert’s Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop, the Amateur Night Sample Pack brings you the latest in print-at-home weapon technology. This collection of STL files gives you everything you need to replicate the loadout on the stunning Bubblegum Bandit car from the CARnage Kickstarter with your vehicle of choice!

This pack includes six sculpts:

  • Ramplate A
  • Rocket F
  • Machine Gun G (L&R)
  • Energy B (L&R)


Each weapon will come in two forms: a ready-to-print professionally supported file, and an unsupported version for easy scaling. In addition, you'll get the full CARnage readme – a treasure trove of tips and tricks to lead you to kit-bashing success!

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